Author Carol Parker

Once in A Blue Moon

October 2020 is an unusual month, with its two full moons. The first occurred October 1st and is known as Harvest Moon, Fruit Moon, or Barley Moon. The 2nd full moon will take place on Halloween, October 31st, and is called the Halloween Blue Moon. This is not because the moon will actually look blue, but because any time there’s a second full moon in a given month, it’s called a blue moon. The last time a Halloween full moon was able to be seen in all time zones of the United States was in 1944, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. This year we are in for a treat!

In The Fish Dress, one October evening Nora and Kirk had a second unexpected encounter at the Ark. It happened to be a full moon, a blue moon, at that. Kirk came on to her in such a strong way that she couldn’t handle it and slipped out of the bar and into the cool night air.

[Excerpt] After seeing Kirk again, she felt as if she were coming alive. But self-doubt was creeping in, and the thought of a romantic renaissance terrorized her. Should she trust her feelings? Would she overcome her fears? Did she deserve to be happy?

Nora took the long way home across the footbridge. The boats rocked like metronomes, keeping time with the low wait of foghorns, while waves tapped at wooden pier posts. She stared at the Harvest Moon, wishing that answers to her questions would appear in the night sky. As soon as Nora got home, she collapsed on her bed. She heard a rustling sound and turned toward the wall.


“Feeling sorry for thyself?”

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