Author Carol Parker

Why Archetypes?

With the shift from summer to autumn upon us, I’ve been thinking about nature’s seasonal archetypes. Winter, the Sage, the wise woman elder; she discards all that no longer serves her and holds onto the powerful life force necessary for rebirth. Spring, symbolized by New Beginnings. Summer, with its bold Warrior spirit, and soon to come, autumn, The Transformer—strength, maturity, and confidence in this season of great change! She focuses on finding her “edge”, reaching beyond her perceived limits, and reshaping obstacles into footholds.


The Autumn Harvest Woman by Jane Hardwicke Collins

I started thinking about The Fish Dress, my book that is coming out this year in late October, and how my journey to getting to this point has followed nature’s seasonal path without my realizing it at the time. I think about the characters in my book, archetypes with a unique set of strengths, flaws, and desires which drive their stories. Nora, The Orphan, on the hero’s journey in search of her true self and driven to connect with her daughter Angelica, who is The Outlaw, locked in shame. Kirk, The Lover, passionate but irrational. Rosie, The Mentor/Sage, who tries to push Nora past her boundaries and guide her through the unknown. The fish dress, The Magician, with its abilities beyond human comprehension, desires to create order from chaos in Nora’s life.
Whether it’s seasons, books, or movies, archetypes and the hero’s journey reflect human behaviors, offer wisdom, and provide a mirror for our souls.

The Fish Dress is now available for pre order. 

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