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The Fish Dress

Set in coastal Maine, The Fish Dress tells the story of what happens when Nora Jenkins finds a second-hand dress

Nora Jenkins is desperate to reconcile with her daughter, Angelica. At nineteen, Angelica is incarcerated and has severed all ties with her mother. Nora turns to her sister Grace for help; Grace tells her that Angelica is too filled with shame to let her mother back into her life . Nora feels powerless and blames herself for her daughter’s troubles.

But Nora’s life is about to change when she acquires a second-hand dress. She tries it on, and its mystical energy surges through her. Made of black linen and imprinted with white fish skeletons and mysterious tribal symbols, the dress enchants and empowers her—until she begins to experience its shadow side and fears where the dress might take her.

She reaches out to psychic Rosie Deerborn for answers. Rosie tells her they must take a past-life journey, and Nora must wear the fish dress, for it is tied to a past-life vow that still influences her, causing great pain. Will Nora break the vow and reconnect with her daughter? Can she overcome a childhood trauma? What are the chances she will dare to love again? Weaving illusion with truth, The Fish Dress spins a tale of restoration, hope, and letting go.


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