Author Carol Parker

Meet Winter’s Seasonal Archetype

As writers, we use broad character types to show aspects of human nature that follow a pattern over time, place, and circumstance. It is natural to want to apply the same thinking to the seasons: Spring, the Innocent archetype with new beginnings. Summer, the Warrior, ready for empowerment. Autumn, the Transformer, turning obstacles into steppingstones. 

Meet winter, the Sage archetype, a wise woman elder. She holds insight and knowledge and believes in the recurring sequence of life—death—rebirth in the changing of seasons. She knows the seeds are resting and waiting until the time is right to sprout. 

Like winter, Sage can be both quiet and harsh, yet beautiful in her old age. She keeps going and does not dwell on what might have been. In her wisdom, she removes everything that no longer serves her. In the end, the wise elder is the essence of death in the service of rebirth, passing on gifts to the Innocence of spring.

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