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Mother’s Day for Grieving Mothers

Today is the day we celebrate motherhood by honoring ALL mothers–those serving as essential workers in the Covid-19 pandemic, surrogate mothers and mothers-to-be,  and moms who are no longer with us. Above all, I reach out to mothers who have lost a child. 

On the evening of March 28, 2018, I had just finished an evening yoga class. I felt fantastic as I walked to my car. My cell phone was ringing when I got inside. A frantic call from my daughter. “Mom, Greg’s dead.”

Have you ever had a moment in which life changed in a split second and you knew it would never be the same again? My son’s sudden death was that way. I have wandered through the stages of grief, often tripping on that “moment” again, tumbling into the past, stuck in a painful place of self-blame. Sad for my son, stripped of his lifeline at 36, feeling sorry for his daughter, without a father, and for my daughter, who lost her best friend.

Now, two years later, I am bigger than that “moment” in time that shattered me and left me at a crossroads of truth and illusion. Since then, I have passed through the crossroads; as a result, I now understand that physical death is not the end of life. I will always be my son’s mother, and he will always be my son. We are soul extensions of each other, forever connected in heart, mind, and spirit. A new energy emerges!

 The Motherhood Magnet decorates my refrigerator. Over time she has become stained, but I keep her as a tribute to our strength as mothers, with an all-encompassing love for our children. We celebrate ALL mothers this day and every day!

I invite you to look for my upcoming adult novel, which will be released in October 2020. It is a mother-daughter story of restoration, hope, and letting go. Writing the book has been a large part of my healing process.


11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day for Grieving Mothers”

      1. Know that you still have family up here in Maine My children adore you as my children adored Greg I am so proud of you adjusting to the unexpected death of a child, and the blessings that you still have your daughter you are a brave woman I admire you Ms Parker May Greg RIP. Love from Msine

        1. Anne,
          Thank you for your loving support and kindness. Yes, I am truly blessed with my daughter, my family, my friends, and of course YOU! Not sure when I will be up in Maine, but when I am, I want to visit with you and the “kids”. Love and blessings, Carol

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